The Home Buying Process

Home Buying Checklist

The Prudential Ridgeway Real Estate Agents have the training and the experience to guide you through the entire home buying process. All of our Real Estate Agents have been carefully chosen to help make buying a home an enjoyable experience for you.

Here is a home buying checklist to get you started:

Establish Financial Readiness
Before starting the process of buying a home and taking on a mortgage, request a copy of your credit report to make sure that correct information is reported. Set a budget for your household and create a nest egg for down payment, closing costs and start up costs for your move. Avoid making major purchases until you have ownership of your new home.
Obtain Mortage Financing
Select a Home Mortgage Lender who will create the best loan package for you based on your lifestyle and future living arrangements. Some of the questions to consider will include, How long do you plan to stay in your home? Do you plan to add to your family? How can you make the smallest monthly mortgage payment necessary? What is your comfort level and price range?
Select a Realtor
Before looking for a house to buy, call Prudential Ridgeway Realty and speak to any of our Real Estate Agents to receive the best level of service!
Location, Location, Location
When buying a house you are also choosing a neighborhood. Some things to consider are, How far are you willing to commute? Examine schools, shopping and public services. Are you looking to be close to the action or in a peaceful, quiet setting? Ask friends, colleagues and people in the community to share their knowledge. Research, research, research.
Establish Home Needs
Before looking at any homes to buy, make a checklist of what is important to you. What style of home is appealing to you? How many bedrooms will you need, basement, garage, lot size, etc…
Remove Emotion from the Home Buying Process
Try to tour homes using your head, not your heart. Will your furniture fit? Is this home a good investment?
Write an Offer
Start the home purchase negotiations by writing an offer. Your Prudential Ridgeway Realty Realtor will write and present the Contract of Sale for the real estate.
Home Buying Negotiation
Your realtor work with you to negotiate a price for your new home, providing you with their knowledge and skill of the process to guide you towards the best contract to meet your requirements.
Home Inspections and review restrictive covenants
One of the final but most important steps is to have a thorough home inspection conducted. Your Prudential Ridgeway Realtor can provide you with referrals for a home inspector.
Your Prudential Ridgeway Realty Realtor will review all paperwork prepared by the title company for transfer of home title and support you with explanations as needed.

Contact us today for more information, or browse our list of Real Estate Agents.

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